Local Young Professional Honored by Chamber of Commerce

Rockford women were honored on June 17th at Cliffbreakers Riverside Resort during the Women in Business Expo and Luncheon.  Among them were IGNITE’s very own Veronica Blake, who is a Senior Materials Analyst for Hamilton Sundstrand and a member of the INSPIRE committee.  Veronica was honored with the “Woman Business Leader of Tomorrow” award. 

Although Veronica was born in Magnolia, Arkansas, she still calls Rockford her home along with her husband Marty.  “The recognition is truly humbling” says Blake.  “I’m one of many giving back to our community.  It’s important to me that our committee reflects the world we live.”

Outside of IGNITE, Veronica has been and is involved in several other community efforts.  She’s part of the Hamilton Sundstrand African-American Forum, which focuses on mentoring, community relations, professional development and recruitment.  Veronica has also been a Big Sister for eight years, is a member of the Minority Business Council and Hamilton Sundstrand Rockford Leadership Club, and serves as an usher and on the pastoral ministry for her church.

Veronica enjoys being a member of IGNITE, and has the following positive comments about our organization: “Being involved in IGNITE has so many great advantages.  As a member of IGNITE, I’ve taken the opportunity to frequent some awesome places in the area that I would have never visited.  Most of all, I have connected with great young talent in the Rockford Region.”

Ms. Blake also has some great advice for Rockford Young Professional’s.   “Enjoy what you do” she says.  “If you’re not motivated in your career you may want to consider something else.  I’ve always found a way to motivate myself by volunteering for projects.  Working with talented people only inspires me more.  I urge young professionals to take on challenges and don’t be afraid to take the lead.  Take on a project that will take you out of your comfort zone.  Not long ago, I was the one in the background working hard; sort of leading from the back.  I’m thankful that one of my mentors encouraged me…ok forced me to take the lead title of an organization.  Taking the responsibility has helped me overcome weakness.    I believe we need to be available and it’s not all about our careers.  Give back to your community.  Working in the community has helped increase my professional growth, broadened my network, maximized my knowledge and skill potential, and provided fun opportunities for me.”

Veronica is truly a great asset to our community and to IGNITE as a whole.  Please join us in congratulating her on this fantastic achievement.  IGNITE and the INSPIRE committee are proud to have her as a member!


~ by Scott L. Clark on June 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “Local Young Professional Honored by Chamber of Commerce”

  1. Congratulations, Veronica! It’s an honor knowing you.

  2. Congratulations!! What a great achievement!!

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