Life Down South

Column: Finding the Good
by Caitlin Ludwig 

Last week, I had the great opportunity to spend a relaxing 7 days in Myrtle Beach, SC.  The biggest decision I had to make all week was if I was going to the beach or the pool first.  There were no taxing decisions on what I should wear that day because I was going to wear my suit!  I didn’t bother with my make up and I quickly dried my hair and threw it up in a pony tail every day.  Talk about total relaxation!  Everything seemed to move slower down south – my cares and stress melted away in the hot sun.  Rarely did I look at a clock because it really didn’t matter what time it was.  I lounged around and took pleasure in the simple things – the bright sun, a good book and some delicious ice cream.

During a few nights, I decided to actually look presentable and wander into public.  During my trips outside off the sand and outside the pool I noticed something – life down south moves a whole lot slower than it does up north even when you’re not in relaxation mode.  This laid back beach mind set translated to every part of life – from traffic to the lines at the grocery store… everything was going at about the pace of a snail.

I couldn’t believe it.  Actually, I could because this wasn’t my first trip down south but somehow, I always forget.  Life down south moves at about half the pace than that of life up north.  So I pondered this.  Which is better?  The slower southern spirit or the hurried, hectic attitudes of the north?

I’m sure there are advantages to both.  I know that I’m used to running 10 million miles a minute to cram everything I need to/want to do into my day.  I pack far more into my day than it seemed most people I ran into down south did in a week.  But those people also seemed to be less stressed, smile more and take in more of their surroundings and really enjoy life.

So where’s the balance?  How do I keep the great southern attitude about life and what’s important while continuing to get everything I need to done in a day?  I guess that’s what they call finding balance.

After a week in the south, I still don’t have it figured out.  I admire the southern attitudes and hope to bring some of that into this northern girl’s life.  So, as I jump back into my stressful and hurried life, I’m trying to channel the ocean and the sunshine.  If that doesn’t work??  I guess I will just HAVE to visit again!!

Just my thoughts for the day!



~ by caitlinludwig on June 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “Life Down South”

  1. I think it’s just being in vacation mode. We should go European…six weeks of vacation sounds fantastic right now!

  2. Oddly enough, I think I fit in more with the southern style, but I’m still here. It’s something I noticed when I went to school at EIU. I know that’s not technically south, but you would be amazed at the ‘southern style’ found in central and southern Illinois. Have you ever been to Mt. Vernon? You would swear you were in the deep south with their twang! Ahh the beach, I’m jealous!

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