What’s Your Price?

Column: Love-Drunk or Hungover
by Mika Doyle

A new dating site made national headlines on Monday, but not for the usual “we’ve got the perfect way for you find your soul mate” pitch that the more popular dating sites are making. This one’s all about two things — money and attractiveness — and it’s aptly called What’s Your Price?

It’s interesting to me that news sources like ABC have likened the site’s services to prostitution. Haven’t they ever seen Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker? The concept is pretty much the same. The site is marketing to two types of people: rich people who are willing to pay to date attractive people only and self-proclaimed attractive people who have no qualms about being paid to go on dates. Although the site is not designed to create sexual encounters, like any other dating site the users will create their own sexual experiences by posting racy photos and offering “intimate fun.” But let’s be honest, you’re going to find that on any dating site, even Match.com and eHarmony. So if What’s Your Price? qualifies as prostitution, does that make Match and eHarmony pimps?

To add to the, er, stickiness of the concept of What’s Your Price?, the site’s founder, Brandon Wade, also runs the “sugar daddy” website Seeking Arrangement. Wade claims there’s a fair chance people will find true love on his site because they’re getting the touchy subject of finances out of the way right from the get-go … but we all know that’s a crock of … (can we swear on this blog?)

What’s your take on these sites?

Love and livestock options,



~ by Mika Doyle on April 15, 2011.

9 Responses to “What’s Your Price?”

  1. As much as I’d like to say I was horrified by this, I’m almost applauding it. At least these people are realistic enough to know and acknowledge their true nature. They’re being refreshingly honest, even if the reality grosses me out. Maybe these people will stick to THEIR sites and there will be fewer of them on places like Match or EHarmony.

    I met my guy on EHarmony, and he was what they advertise: a professional who doesn’t have time to try to meet people at a bar and doesn’t necessarily want a fix up from a friend, was looking for prescreened compatibility not because he couldn’t get a date, but because he couldn’t find someone he wanted to go out with more than a time or two. I actually liked that site more than Match because people who were willing to fill out the HUGE personality survey tended (in my opinion and experience) to be looking for more than quick/easy/hot booty. Match, on the other hand, seemed to be hit and miss. Maybe if we have sites like these two, the skeeze will be contained, and people looking for something that isn’t financially motivated, who are honest enough to say they won’t settled for less than a 10 even if they have to pay for it can find it where it’s clearly and conveniently labeled.

    • I think I had the same reaction — at first, I had to laugh with disbelief. Then I realized this was creating a new resource for people who aren’t necessarily looking for what you get on Adult Friend Finder but still want something a little less innocent than what they’ll find on traditional online dating sites. And they’re being up front about it.

      “Hey, I’m willing to pay you to go on a date with me because I think you’re hot.”

      “Well, I’m willing to accept money so you can appreciate my hotness for a few hours.”


  2. I agree that this site is good in some ways, simply because at least the superficial and shallow people are being honest for a change about their intentions in a relationship. No more wolves in sheeps’ clothing perhaps. It’s people like that which ruin and smother the good people out there unfortunately, so hopefully this wacky site will start hearding them away from the honest ones…

    • “Wolves in sheep’s clothing” is such a great way to put it. It’s difficult NOT to find that on online dating sites, so at least this one puts it all out there.

  3. So, how come all the guys are the ones paying for it on the website? Hmmmmmm?

    • That’s a good point. On the homepage, the photos of “generous members” all are men, and the photos of “the attractive” are all women. Does that mean I couldn’t be a generous member who’s willing to pay to go on a date with a hot dude?

      • Because even though we’re forward thinking enough to have a dating site that will fluctuate with the economy and unemployment, we’re not forward thinking enough to believe women would have the money and desire to have a hot piece of eye candy. Sadly trophy wife still means “bimbo who’s willing to spend your money and keep in shape” and trophy husband means “one who’ll do the laundry and doesn’t scream at football on the tv”.

  4. Hey, I keep in shape. And my wife screams at football on the TV far more than I do. 🙂

    My question is who determines who gets to post their profile on these sites. I mean is there someone looking through profiles to determine if you are hot enough or rich enough to post on a web site like this?

  5. How can you separate the girls that are just doing it to make money and the ones who are really trying to find someone?

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