Wedding Invitation from Hell

Column: Love-Drunk or Hungover
by Mika Doyle

The other day my coworker comes up to me and asks me for my opinion on a wedding invitation he’s thinking about using. I’m expecting something white and frilly — you know, your standard boring invitation. He shows me this:

Growing up, I had always been the kid to go against  the grain. Anything the other kids were doing (meaning anything that was “popular”) was something to be avoided at all costs. I just really liked the idea of being an individual, someone who stayed true to myself regardless of what society dictated. When I saw this wedding invitation, I went nuts. Besides the fact that I love horror (the picture books from my childhood were mostly horror stories for kids), this is hands-down the most unique wedding invitation I have ever seen. In a society so hellbent on tradition, I can say I know someone who has the courage to do it their way.

Now, I know there are some women out there who had their weddings all planned by the time they were 16, but I have never in my life saved anything for my possible future wedding. Until now. This wedding invitation is getting archived. I may not use this specific one, but it’s a great reminder to me that there was a time in my life when I was courageous enough to say “eff tradition,” and if there’s ever a time to renew that mantra, I think my wedding (if it ever happens) is the perfect time.

Are you one of those women who has a “wedding book” with ideas for your future wedding? If so, tell me why that’s  been important in your life. If you aren’t one of those women, tell me why.

Love and surviving the zombie apocalypse,



~ by Mika Doyle on March 25, 2011.

7 Responses to “Wedding Invitation from Hell”

  1. OMG! Best wedding invitation ever!!!! As a woman who is in the process of getting a divorce I would say that I am not the right one to answer your questions but I had to comment on that invite! If there ever comes a day (at this point HIGHLY unlikely I will ever walk down that path) I would absolutely LOVE to have an invitation like this. NON TRADITIONAL ALL THE WAY! 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh this invitation is terrifying!! I’m all for individuality and I respect it in that way but, man oh man, that might be a hard one to know what to do with when I pull it out of the mailbox!!

    I guess the invitation brings up a whole slew of questions in my mind. Do I have to dress like a zombie?? Will there be guns instead of bouquets? What on earth do I get these people for a gift? But, I’m also very intrigued by this invitation and would so look forward to going because it’s going to be a wedding out of the ordinary for sure.

    I am one of those girls who has book(s) of things I want at my wedding. My wedding has been something I’ve dreamed of since pretty much the day I was born. Will I use everything in the book?? Nope, I’m sure not but the fact that I’ve been saving ideas and sometimes things for my whole life some how makes the day even more special. To me, it’s a symbol of my life before the person I marry and everything that has happened to me up to that point to make me who I am. My past comes with my future. Maybe that doesn’t make any sense and maybe I’m crazy but hey, I’m okay with it.

    (PS… Mika if you get invited to this wedding, I expect a full detailed report including pictures!!!)


    • I don’t think it necessarily indicates if it’ll be a theme wedding — I’m sure if it is, they’ll specify on the inside of the invitation. In this case, I think it was more about showing their unique personalities. I don’t think I’ll be invited to this one, but this is a coworker who sits in the cubicle next to mine, so I’ll definitely ask to see photos! 🙂

  3. I definitely agree with going against tradition, but I will say, my jaw fell a bit at this invite! Kudos to someone who has the huevos to use it.

    I can’t imagine having a wedding prepreplanned since puberty. How sad is that message?

    First, that’s like the woman saying,”Oh, yes, yes, I know, I just had to find the man to plug into the equation.” Isn’t a wedding supposed to refelct BOTH people invovled? (I mean, of course it’s 70% bride, 30% groom. 😉 ) I think it’s really depressing that a woman can preplan something like that. I want my wedding to be a reflection of a unification of two people, blending together what the both of us value.

    On the other side, is the man just rolling over? Is he saying it really only matters to the bride? It brings to mind The Wedding Singer when Glen tells Julia, “It’s okay, it means more to you anyway.” How invested is the man if he doesn’t want ANY say? True, the average groom isn’t going to care if the flowers are daisies or tulips, but have some input on the food, the cake, even the beer served… SOMETHING! If he’s willing to step into a premade wedding, he’d be getting a raised eyebrow from me. And anyone who knows me know’s that’s NOT a good thing.

    • I agree, Taylor — I think men should take interest in their own weddings. Maybe not the nitty gritty of flowers and stuff, as you mention, but it IS their wedding, too! Plus, why should the woman have to put in all the work to plan it? Planning a wedding is stressful, so even if he doesn’t care about colors and food and stuff, he should care about helping his future wife not go insane planning the damn thing!

  4. This is the greatest thing I’ve seen in a while. This would never have gone over with my wife when we got married, but I think it’s fantastic. So clever and different from anything I’ve ever seen.

    @Caitlin, if you’re getting this invitation from someone, you probably know them well-enough to know what to get them for a wedding present. I don’t think the invitation portrays that the guests should dress up as a zombie or bring weapons. Obviously the bride and groom have a great sense of humor, and I think this is fantastic. If nothing else, it makes me want to go to the wedding very much just to see what would happen.

    Also, I find it interesting that a wedding is a symbol of your life BEFORE you meet your husband. In MY mind, it’s the start of a NEW life together with someone that you love very much. Not just a bride’s party that the guy just “happens” to get invited to as well.

    @Taylor, in my experience (and I’ve been to more weddings than the average person after owning a DJ business for 10 years) most guys just don’t care too much about the minute details of the wedding. In the words of Rodney Carrington, “Just make sure there’s beer and whiskey there when the sh!t’s over with.” Sadly, this is the mentality of a lot of guys.

    Thankfully, I was able to have some input at my wedding. My wife is a very meticulous planner, though. We had the advantage of seeing more weddings than Robbie Hart, though, and she took notes at nearly every one that she worked with me. We actually got into heated arguments over different aspects between the photographer, videographer, etc. My biggest contribution was the tuxes. Me and my guys all wore zuit suits, complete with pin stripes, chains, fedora’s and black/white shoes. It was fantastic and very memorable for everyone that was there.

    Mika, let your coworker know that this is fantastic. Just taking one look at this invitation makes me want to be friends with both of them immediately. They seem like people that I would get along with famously, and I’m seriously considering crashing that wedding. 😉

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