Weekend Shopping

Column: Doorway to Diversity,
by Darold Ingram
This past weekend I got a chance to go to one of my favorite stores in this area, Fry’s Electronics in Downers Grove. For those of you who know nothing about this chain of stores, there aren’t many in the nation. They are usually scattered all thought the country. We are fortunate to have one so close in the Chicago area.

Its basically a high end electronics store (think Best Buy on Steroids). They sell everything from TVs to refrigerators, high end cameras, and more importantly computer components, which is the reason I go there.

All throughout the computer section I wondered the area, shopping for CPUs, memory modules, all types of items one could purchase to build his or her own computer from scratch.

All the while shopping I couldn’t help but notice the extremely diverse group of shoppers all over the store. Its always the case here at Fry’s, but this day I took a closer notice of the saturation. Asian, Indian, Black, White, Middle Eastern, Hispanic; everyone was there shopping, enjoying themselves and concentrating on their purchases like a man carefully choosing a new car.

After that I ventured from Downers Grove to IKEA, another wonderful store. As I walked into the store, I was welcomed with the warm wonderful smell of cinnamon.

“What’s that smell, apple pie?” I asked a sales clerk standing next to the entrance.

“Oh that’s our freshly baked cinnamon rolls!!”

“OH NO!! I can’t have one!! Not today!!” I told the clerk as I headed up the elevator to the second floor.

And just like at Fry’s Electronics I was in a midst of a diverse shopping environment. The store was packed. One person on the escalator with me mentioned “its like Christmas Eve in here”. I replied back “I’d hate to see how this place looks at Christmas”.

While shopping for kitchen accessories and living room furniture, I inhaled the sweet smell of the cinnamon rolls which permeated the massive store. Even after visiting the café on the third floor, filled with people eating Swedish meatballs, the atmosphere was terrific.

Its always the same in a store like IKEA, you go in looking to purchase a few things and the next thing you know you end up spending way more than you originally plan to. I guess that’s living proof of a great day.

And it was a great day. A day filled with a little travel, and a little shopping all while taking in a not so typical shopping environment, which was much more diverse than what the average Rockford person is used to. That was the main thought in my mind as I got back in my car and headed west on I-90. One hand on the steering wheel and the other holding a freshly baked cinnamon roll from IKEA.


~ by daroldingram on March 23, 2011.

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