Reasons I Love Rain

Column: Finding The Good
by Caitlin Ludwig

I’m a big fan of the weather we’ve been having lately.  I’m sure some people have found it a bit gloomy, but I absolutely love this weather.  Sometimes I think I should live in Seattle I love rain so much!!  (Okay, for that reason and because I’m madly in love with Grey’s Anatomy and that’s where it takes place.)  Anyways, since I did a blog post about how much I hate snow (secretly disguised as a post about the good parts of snow), I figured I should do another on how much I LOVE rain!!  So, readers, read on and fall in love with the rain!!

1. It’s romantic – There’s very little that’s more romantic than getting caught in a quick rainstorm with your love.  Running through the streets holding hands and just getting drenched has some sort of magical quality about it.  If you’re not the get-wet type, walking hand in hand sharing a polka-dotted umbrella while the raindrops fall softly around you is also romantic.   Plus, it’s fun!!  Don’t believe me?  Let Gene Kelly prove it to you…  Ahhh romance 🙂

2. On the flip side… It’s dramaticThere’s no better time to break suspenseful news than during a good thunderstorm.  Think of all the great scary movies or desperation scenes that involved a good thunderstorm.  I mean, really, if you’re going to have an argument, you might as well do it outside in the pouring rain.  It just adds a certain element of awesomeness to a not-so-great situation.   Who knows, maybe that huge flash of lightning and clap of thunder will happen right when you’re making your most dramatic point!  It’s always nice to appear to have the universe on your side.

Don’t believe me that it’s dramatic?  Ask any Les Miserables fan… and this should convince you once again that’s it’s also as romantic as hell!  Side note – Pay attention to the words and her exit if you haven’t seen the show… She’s just been shot if that helps at all.  This is the 25th Anniversary Staging of Les Miserables – so no sets and it isn’t full-out performed but it is sung full-out!!

3. It can be so calmingThis past weekend was a perfect example of a calming rainy day.  A good percentage of posts on my Facebook wall involved people commenting on how much they lovely a lazy, rainy Sunday.  What better excuse to lay around in your pjs all day reading or watching movies while listening to the rain fall.  I always love to clean or bake when it rains as well.  It all just seems relaxing with the rain falling around the house.  Nothing will relax faster than the sound of water and rain is the absolute best.  Who doesn’t love falling asleep to a good thunderstorm?

4. It’s practicalRain makes everything grow!  After it rains, the grass is greener and the flowers are prettier.  Everything seems to have gotten a fresh little pick me up.  Plus, without rain, we wouldn’t be able to eat!  Nothing would grow!

5.  It inspired Glee to do this:

So that’s it!  That’s pretty much everything I love about rain.  How about you?  What do you love or even hate about rain??

Oh, and if you see me wandering the streets of Rockford singing and dancing in the rain, don’t worry… I’m perfectly sane and extremely happy!!  Come join me!!  🙂



~ by caitlinludwig on March 22, 2011.

3 Responses to “Reasons I Love Rain”

  1. Awesome blog post. I share your love of rain. Sunday was a perfect morning for me because of the storm. The only thing I did not like was it rained so hard my roof leaked. Other than that, this girl is still smiling from the March showers we have been having. 🙂

  2. Bonus points for the Les Miserables reference! I just listened through the original Broadway cast’s recording a month or two ago, and I never get tired of hearing it.

    That said, I love storms…but I’m not a fan of rain. Like Laura, I had some water damage to my house that forced me to replace all of the carpet in my basement. Needless to say, last week was a terrible week for me.

    I will say one thing that I love about rain, though. It’s the smell…right before it rains, and right as it starts to rain. There’s something very nostalgic about the smell of the rain on pavement that brings me back to summers as a kid, running home right as it started raining to get inside before it downpoured.

  3. One more thing: I had to share with you one of the best versions of “Singin’ In the Rain” by none other than my second-favorite artist of all time, Jamie Cullum:

    While you’re at it, go pick up any of his albums. They’re all fantastic. He’s probably my biggest man-crush ever, too.

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