Curating Your News

As a person who wants to be connected with the goings-on in the world with a tight schedule and a close relationship with my smart phone, I find myself increasingly using social media to keep me up to date. I generally keep NPR on in my car, but I don’t actually drive that much — and, hopefully, now that it’s getting nicer, I’ll drive even less. (Hello, biking weather!)

So, most of my local news comes from the Facebook pages of RRStar, WREX, WIFR, WTVO, etc. My global news comes from the NPR Facebook page, CNN tweets, and New York Times tweets – at least, the specific tweets I subscribe to such as Arts news. Another important element is my friends. I depend on the diversity of the links to articles about issues my friends or colleagues post about to get in touch with some other aspects of the world.

What I don’t do is sit down and watch an hour of news on TV, or read a whole newspaper. Also worth mentioning is that I am constantly reading articles: first thing in the morning, while I’m waiting for a friend at a coffee shop, while I’m watching my favorite TV shows, and even right before I turn off the lights for the night. There’s no set timeframe I set aside for learning the news.

As a result, I get the news I’ve decided is important and that’s where it ends. It turns out there’s a term for this: personal news curation. Just like a curator at a museum picks the pieces he feels are relevant for the theme of an exhibition, I pick and choose the pieces of the world that fit the themes of my life. I feel more connected to some issues as a result of this (such as the recent issues in Wisconsin), but I can’t help but wonder if I’m missing part of the big picture every once in a while – if something didn’t make it through my filters I really should know about.

Are you like me? Do you “curate” your news yourself? Or, do you consume your news in a more traditional fashion? I’m curious what my fellow YPs do, or if you’ve noticed a different trend amongst your friends. Let me know in the comments!



~ by Anthea on March 10, 2011.

3 Responses to “Curating Your News”

  1. I use my DVR to record each night’s 9pm and 10pm news, and speed through those while eating my breakfast (usually skipping everything in the weather other than the 7-day outlook graphic, and they do tend to fill a lot of the time with weather). I also bring up tabs of RRStar, Rock River Times, and Google News to see if there’s interesting topics. But with RRStar going to a pay-scale, I’ll probably just tune that out.

  2. I certainly “curate” my news. Have to be careful not to pull in information only from sources that cover stories in line with my personal views. I read the RRS (which I think is a pretty terrible paper) and during the day, read BBC. I like the “Pulse” app on my iPhone– a great collection of articles. My wife and I listen to NPR when we get home and while were cooking dinner together.

    NPR by far provides the most detailed, well researched and though provoking stories.

  3. I watch local news every morning while I am getting ready and drinking my coffee and take a couple breaks during the day to read just about every article on Google News to catch up on world events. I also leave my radio to NPR in the car for whenever I am driving. I don’t use my Droid enough for my news but its definitely something I will be looking into. Thanks for the post.

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