Did Your College Classes Include Sex Toy Demos?

Last week, a Northwestern Illinois University psychology professor took hands-on classroom activities literally when he allowed two of his students to perform a sex act in front of his human sexuality class. According to the Associated Press article posted on the Rockford Register Star’s website, the PDA-on-steroids was completely voluntary for both the exhibitionist couple performing in front of the class and the students, who chose to stay after the class period was over to partake in a live demonstration of how to bring a woman to orgasm using a phallic “motorized sex toy” (apparently you can’t say vibrator in the newspaper). After initial reports that the university was supportive of the professor’s outside-the-box (no pun intended) teaching methods, the university is now investigating the matter.

UPDATE: As more news stories came out about this incident, I found out the device they had used was not a vibrator. If you’re curious about the details, a few Google searches will solve the mystery for you.

Students quoted in the story said it’s a class they certainly won’t forget any time soon, unlike some of the other more thrilling subjects they’re taking, like economics or math. And while I can appreciate the guest speaker’s efforts to enlighten those young men about the elusive female orgasm, I can’t help but wonder what message those students really got from the whole experience.

Was this a forward-thinking move on the part of the professor, an act of complete perversion, or something in between? I’m not convinced this was a smart move on the part of the professor. Tell me why you agree or disagree.

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~ by Mika Doyle on March 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “Did Your College Classes Include Sex Toy Demos?”

  1. Good question about an odd story. I concluded that the performers, self-professed exhibitionists, benefitted from the demonstration, and the guest lecturer did as well — he will certainly see more bookings from having his name in the news.

    Meanwhile, the school/professor spent money and time on this instead of something potentially more worthwhile (perhaps something that could only be seen at a great university instead of seen anywhere.) Publicity seems to be trending negative.

    I don’t think the students benefitted either. The exhibitionist, out-of-context nature of the demonstration and the unusualness of the device (definitely not a vibrator) mean that these students didn’t really see something accurate or relevant to real life.

    That is why I don’t think it was a good idea.

    • Very excellent points, Michael. I’m still struggling to see the educational value in the demonstration. As you said, it was out-of-context and highly unusual, and none of the stories I’ve read had indicated what the professor was trying to teach through the demonstration. If anyone else has found an article or seen an interview with more details on that, I’d be interested in hearing about it. Although, the topic of that day’s class was bondage and sexual festishes, so perhaps calling it “unusual” is inaccurate because what’s unusual to one person is normal to another, especially when it comes to things like festishes.

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