Rock The Air

Rockford is currently in the running for an incredible opportunity that will change the economic climate of Rockford for the better.  Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is considering building its third residential campus right here in Rockford!  While the decision time line isn’t exactly known, Rockford is doing its very best to prove to the Trustees of Embry-Riddle that we are an absolutely perfect match for their next campus!

To prove to Embry-Riddle that we want them in our community, an Embry-Riddle Rock The Air Scholarship Fund.  The goal is one million dollars pledged by the Rockford community to award scholarships to Embry-Riddle students if Embry-Riddle chooses Rockford as its third home.

As of this posting, the scholarship fund is at $775,880.  This scholarship fund carries with it a very powerful message to the Trustees of Embry-Riddle.  This scholarship fund assures Embry-Riddle that Rockford is welcoming of and wanting them to join our community.  We support higher education, economic growth and the aerospace industry.

Pledging to this fund could not be easier.  Your pledge amount can be broken down and paid over four years or in one easy payment.  If Embry-Riddle decides to build in Houston (our competitor) your pledge will be void.

I highly encourage you to make a pledge today.  No amount is too small.  Perhaps if you could pledge $5?  Or maybe $25 every year for 4 years?  If everyone in the community joined together to pledge at least something, think of the difference we could make!

To pledge, simple click here and submit the PDF form.  It’s that easy.  And you’ll feel great for helping out our community!

Another great way to help support Rock the Air is to attend the Great Paper Airplane Toss on March 15th at 7p.m. at the Metro Centre.  For only $5, throw a paper airplane onto the floor of the MetroCentre on targets to win a prize!  One lucky winner will win $10,000!!  Even better, for every $1 in airplane sales, the Rockford Area Realtors will donate $1 up to $40,000.  That’s a potential of $80,000!  Look for more information on our Facebook page in the next week or so!

Please join me in supporting Embry-Riddle and welcoming them to Rockford!!



~ by igniterockford on February 22, 2011.

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