A Vintage Valentine’s Day Creepshow

VintageValentinesDayCardValentine’s Day is just a few days away, but instead of adding to the plethora of gift and dating advice that’s already out there saturating the interwebs, I thought I would share with you the magic, misogyny, and S&M of Valentine’s Days of yesteryear. Funny or Die, known best for its hilarious video shorts, posted a photo slideshow of vintage Valentine’s Day cards from a time when love and relationships featured married couples sleeping in separate beds, women who wouldn’t dare to wear pants, and the men who beat them until they submitted to their every whim. Ah, yes, “12 Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards That Prove We Were All a Bunch of Rapists” is full of the creepy, violent, and downright disturbing images and their corresponding Valentine’s Day threats that make romance so special. Enjoy.

Happy Valentine’s Day,



~ by Mika Doyle on February 11, 2011.

6 Responses to “A Vintage Valentine’s Day Creepshow”

  1. Oh my gosh, are those real?? Nothing says “I love you” like scaring the crap out of someone!


  2. I was so ready for a laugh; alas, my web filter at work said, “No! Bad teacher! Inappropriate!” Apparently I can wait until I get home for fun stuff. 😦 God bless public education. The chilluns learn how to route the system and chat with each other, look at facebook, and do a variety of inappropriate things on school tech instead of doing their work and I can’t even get a giggle during my plan period. *sigh*

  3. OMG Mika. Those are AWESOME! So funny. Thanks for the laugh!

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