A Social Superbowl

think something significant happened earlier this week. There was some team from some state (maybe one close by??), that won some game or something. 😉 I’ve enjoyed a fair amount of football this season, but,what happened around that game on Sunday is what really interested me.

I got home from, believe it or not, bowling on Sunday evening just a few minutes after kickoff. Since the Bears weren’t playing, I was solely in it for the social aspects around this game. So, if I was looking to be social, did I walk into my own Super Bowl party late? No, I pulled out my laptop, fired up Tweetdeck and Facebook, and settled in to enjoy the game with hundreds of my closest friends.

I work in marketing, and I’m particularly interested in branding, so I could hardly wait to see how I would be amazed, entertained, or bored by brands I know and brands someone might want me to know. My friends and I tweeted up a storm as we watched the ads (yeah, and the game, too…), sharing our reactions and responding to one another by the second. We laughed, gasped, were shocked, were annoyed, and were awed, all together, from our assorted couches across the country.

Now, enter Brand Bowl 2011 (or #BrandBowl). Brand Bowl complied all of those tweets my friends I (and 15,000 or so other people) sent as we immediately discussed the commercials to help determine who was the winner of the brand bowl. They counted 302,977 tweets in all(!!), classifying them by ad and sentiment.

The winner, which also happened to be my favorite ad, was the Chrysler Detroit ad. It was discussed in 32,514 tweets with 16.5% of them reflecting a positive reaction. Doritos and VW got the silver and bronze, respectively. I think I saw the VW “The Force” ad shared on Facebook more than a dozen times in the week leading up the Super Bowl, and still a few times since then.

Did you watch the Super Bowl…and talk about it online? It seemed, based on the enormous amount of Facebook posts and tweets, that just about everyone was watching and had an opinion to share. From excitement over the Packers, to horror at Christina Aguilera’s National Anthem Flub, buzz about commericals, and the Black Eyed Peas Halftime show, it was probably just as fun watching along with everyone online as if I’d been at a party somewhere.

And, who do you think the winner of the Brand Bowl should have been? If you had another favorite, let me know in the comments!


PS: from my own Twitter feed during the game: I interrupt this #superbowl commercial break with an awesome cake wreck!http://yfrog.com/gyqlealj


~ by Anthea on February 10, 2011.

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