Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Yesterday was dubbed “Fat Day” in the UK.  I kid you not.  Mika was kind enough to send me the link to this article which made me both cringe and laugh.  Apparently, the third Monday in January is the time that British women (and I’m guessing American gals are just the same if not worse…) feel the worst about their body image and self-esteem.  It makes sense that the third Monday would be a problem day for us girls – it’s about 3 weeks after the holidays.  The diets aren’t working, exercise is getting boring and harder to stick to and those 11 pounds (yes, 11 pounds is the average weight you gain over the holiday season) are still, annoying, there.

To make matters worse, the media seems to pick this time of year to share with us the secrets of the stars on weight loss.  Those diets seem to go something like this:  eat only acai berries and organic ostrich, drink 18 glasses of water a day mixed with energy powder and pureed celery, power dance around your office while talking to clients on the phone and journal all your misery.  The real secret to the stars weight loss??  Money to hire a personal trainer, a chef, great ingredients, an airbrush artist and a therapist.

The “Fat Day” article goes on to say that the average woman has 72 “fat days” in a year.  That number is bumped up to 83 days for women between 18-25!! So ladies, let’s do a little math….

If there are 365 days in a year, and we spend 72 of them completely down in the dumps about ourselves, we spend almost 20% of the year (19.7 to be exact) upset and probably in tears! This is a shame. What happen to the days of Marilyn Monroe (she was a size 10) and the self-confidence of “I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar?”

Well, I partly blame men (of course) and the media but even more so, I blame ourselves. We’ve bought into the idea of perfectly skinny beauty. We buy the magazines, the movies and the weird new diet fads. We believe that if only we were thinner, we’d be richer, prettier and have that perfect guy just waiting to date us. Our heads are completely warped. Now, don’t get me wrong – there are some pig-headed guys out there that surely help us buy into this warped fantasy. Really, they should be dipped in chocolate and left in a room with women on one of these 72 days…. but we need to start with ourselves and stop pushing the blame.

Ladies, let’s go back to just having fun. Health is important – don’t get me wrong. A healthy weight is a good thing but let’s not go overboard. Let’s praise the women that are a real size and use them as our role models. Let’s work on our own self-confidence. Let’s get back to “I Am Woman Hear Me Roar!” Then, just perhaps, we’ll all be a little bit happier (and get to indulge a little more often!.

Here’s to the “Fat Days”! May this year, they be fewer and farther in between because after all, girls just wanna have fun and diets are NO FUN!





~ by caitlinludwig on January 18, 2011.

6 Responses to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

  1. LOVE this: “they should be dipped in chocolate and left in a room with women on one of these 72 days…” I absolutely love this post, Caitlin. At 5’2″ and roughly 105 lbs, pretty much everyone I know makes the completely erroneous assumption that I NEVER have fat days. HA. While that’s flattering, the truth is that I have discovered I can never tell other women when I’m having a fat day because I become the pariah of the group and am then subjected to body comparisons I’m just not comfortable enduring. The fact is that I’m aging just like everyone else, and I sometimes stare longingly at old college photos of myself when I was 19 and delightfully firm everywhere. My point is that ALL women have bad body image days, no matter what age, shape or size they are, and I ask that we be supportive of each other when we’re having those bad days no matter how we compare to each other.

    • So interesting Mika! Your story is a side I frequently forget. I think the moral of the story? The grass is always greener… We should learn to be comfortable in our own skins and stop envying others! You never know what journey they may be on…

  2. I was surprised to hear that they actually have a “fat day” out in the UK. But I agree with you…the natural woman form is something to celebrate. A lot of the time people (which I often fall into this category) forget that celebrities can easily shell out the money to maintain a hot bod. Seriously…who wants to just eat 3 almonds and half a cherry??? (that was a suggested snack from the perricone diet)

  3. It’s true. We’re all too critical. I was always a little over sensitive about my muffin top. Then, I randomly and rapidly lost weight due to health issues. You know what? That was scary, too! Frankly, I would rather realize I look a little … curvey… in my clothing than wonder if I’m slowly (or not so slowly) wasting away. Now, I embrace the fact that my fat helps me fill out a bra in such a way that I have to roll my eyes about men looking. I celebrate that I’ve stopped whatever wasting disease I had. I’m me, I’m beautiful, and damn it, I don’t care what number my pants say. If they look good on, that’s all that matters.

    And p.s. Did you realize that if we compared the size deflation (yes, money suffers from inflation, but clothing size is the reverse) that Marilyn Monroe would actually be closer to a 14 than what we call a 10? Yeah.

  4. I totally agree with the girls just want to have fun… everything in moderation will keep a healthier and happier girl…
    and for those of us married with children, lets remember the saying: “if momma ain’t happy… nobodys happy!”
    So to that, bring on the chocolate! Happy early Valentine’s Day

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