Determinaton and Discipline! Not Resolution!

Resolution:  a resolve or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something. (from

I think the word resolution is a little misleading.  To many people us it as a catchphrase as soon as the new year is upon us.  It makes me think back to the fitness center I use immediately after work during the week.  Normally throughout the year, between the months of April to December,  at around 6pm it really inst that busy. I can come and go as I please and use any machine I choose.  But whenever January comes around I can expect to see the gym and weight room packed with fresh faces.  I see people I’ve never seen before working out for the first time in years, or getting back on a fitness regimen, or simply working off the holiday calories accumulated in the past two weeks.

It’s great that people are taking the initiative of working out and getting back to good health.  But just like every year for the past two years that I’ve been constantly exercising, the fresh faces begin to vanish a few weeks into the new year.  I can accurately predict that half of the new people in the gym will be gone 4 to 5 weeks after New Year’s Day.  The remaining new few new people will make it for a few more weeks and then its back to the usual regulars who are determined to make physical fitness a priority in their lives.

I use an example of my workout experience to talk about determination. This past week almost everyone you know has made some sort of New Years Resolution to do almost anything; from exercising more, finding a job, get married, by a car, stop smoking, paint the house (yes someone told me this a while back), ANYTHING!

Some people will see their resolution through this year, some will make it half way, and some have already forgotten their New Years Resolution as they were too drunk to remember what they said at 1:15 am last Saturday morning.

Whatever your resolution may be, keep in mind that the word “resolution” itself is just a word.  There is action that needs to  be followed in order to see your objective come to pass this year.  Whatever you declared this year are just words.  A resolution cannot proceed on its own.  One of the things I’ve found out about making physical fitness a way of life (so far) for the past two years is the key to it all is Determination and Discipline. Whatever your hopes and dreams are for this year, be determined to see it though to the end  and until then,  have the discipline to never give up!

Here’s to a wonderful and successful new year!!

-Darold Ingram


~ by daroldingram on January 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “Determinaton and Discipline! Not Resolution!”

  1. Great points, Darold! And it cracks me up that someone’s resolution is to get married!!

  2. Darold, have you been reading my mind? I was thinking this just this morning as I pondered my new goal for the year. I decided I needed to realize that I have to choose do something every day towards that goal and accept that it will take a while to get there. But, that those little steps will add up to my goal and give me hope that I’m getting there!

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