Resolution Time!

Well, New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. In just a few short days, the ball will drop and we’ll be catapulted into the future – 2011! With a new year seems to come a fresh start. Everyone seems to make some sort of resolution – hit the gym more and the cookies less, take time to read, make dinner with the family at home more and eat out of a to-go bag less. Most people tend to come up with at least one resolution.

Well, here’s my thought. Let’s make 2011 a banner year for Rockford and for young professionals. Let’s band together to work on Rockford Region Resolutions. We’re a great city but we could use a few touch ups here and there. If each person adopts even one of these resolutions and works to help where they can, think of all we can accomplish!

So here’s the list, Rockford. I’ve only put down 5 to make the list manageable.

1. Grab the poms-poms a little more and the Grim Ripper mask a little less. Here in the Rockford Region, we have a bad little habit of putting ourselves down. We don’t celebrate good news nearly often enough and we tend to focus on the bad. In 2011, let’s focus on the things we’re really good at in the region. We have so much to be proud of and it’s time to start patting ourselves on the back! If we don’t point out what’s great about our region, who will?

2. Play well with others. Rockford is full of great ideas and great people. Often, groups are started to improve the region and work on certain areas that need a little TLC. This is great but perhaps we could get even more done if we joined hands and pooled our resources with groups already in existence! Rather than worry that someone else might steal your idea or that you won’t be the only one working on the project, perhaps we can collaborate more and compete a little less. After all, aren’t some of our goals the same? Two minds are better than one!

3. Hit the “books” and get involved. Educate yourself on what’s happening in the city. Get involved with organizations and committees that can make a difference in the community. It’s your city – let your voice be heard. That being said, please refer to number 1 again – nobody needs a negative Nancy. Be proactive – not a whiner.

4. Put your strengths into creating an even better tomorrow. The future of Rockford lies with the young professionals (YPs). As a city, we need to ban together to work to attract and retain young talent to the region. Start with yourself. Work to improve your community by becoming involved. Join a board or committee you’re passionate about and contribute your talents to the group. Talk with your manager to see how you can get more involved or take on a special project. Take it even a step farther by suggesting your company become a corporate partner of IGNITE. On top of that, see if you can work with your HR department to become more YP friendly around the office by offering a flexible work schedule, volunteer opportunities or creative workspaces.

5. Build a human pyramid. Okay, well, maybe not an actual human pyramid but rather a network of local shops, business owners, restaurants, service, etc. and then utilize them! Recommend that great local pub to your friends. Hold your next meeting at a local restaurant rather than a chain. Shop local for birthday gifts. Support one another’s businesses and you’ll in turn be helping Rockford. Put the human factor into your decisions – use someone you know. You’ll be grateful when the business comes back around.

That’s it! Let’s start there and see what we can come together to do. How will you be helping the cause in 2011? Pledge your support for the Rockford Region Resolutions. Perhaps you have your own you’d like to add – great! Let us know what they are in the comment section below.

Looking forward to a stellar 2011 for young professionals in the Rockford Region!!



~ by caitlinludwig on December 28, 2010.

One Response to “Resolution Time!”

  1. Great resolutions, Caitlin. Those are more or less my same professional resolutions: support local businesses, actively work towards positive growth in the community, etc. Personal resolutions? Eh, working on it 😉

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