Project for Awesome

Watch YouTube, save the world? Every December 17 for the last four years, brothers John & Hank Green (the aforementioned Vlogbrothers on YouTube) have hosted an event aimed to do just that, called the Project for Awesome or P4A.

The idea is to “decrease worldsuck” by having as many people as possible upload videos to YouTube on the same day, all with the same purpose: explaining why each person supports a charity or cause. Then, the collective participants watch each other’s videos, comment on them, rate them, and basically try to take over YouTube with a huge outpouring of charitable spirit. Each of the videos has P4A or Project for Awesome in the title, and most have the same thumbnail, so they’re very easy to pick out when you’re perusing YouTube.

Some YouTubers hold contests to help raise more than just awareness. Musician Julia Nunes offering to knit a hat for the highest bidder on eBay and donating all the proceeds to the Lupus Foundation, for example. This year, they’re being more actively centralized about giving, by holding raffles of YouTube related items or experiences.

Watching P4A videos has given me personally the opportunity to learn about a lot of charities I never knew existed and see how everyday people who really care can come up with creative ways to share their passion.

Here’s a great example. This song by theshortsisters explains both the project and Save the Children, the charity they were supporting. (Their previous year’s video supporting Heifer International is pretty fun, too.)

I recommend checking out YouTube tomorrow to see some of the P4A videos. They are sure to be informative, entertaining, and they just might inspire you to find a way to support a charity, either here in Rockford or somewhere else, that can really use it!

And, for the sake of disclosure, and to reward you for reading the entire post…I may have made my own P4A video a couple years ago. 🙂



~ by Anthea on December 16, 2010.

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