I Hate Automatic Toilets.

I’m going to warn you right now: this blog post is purely a rant that I just have to get out there. There’s no secret meaning, no feel good ending. What you see is what you get.

I hate toilets that flush on their own. A lot of things that are automatic are actually helpful. Paper towel machines are nice. Doors that open for me are always helpful. Even a clapper (which I know is stretching the definition of automatic) can be useful but toilets that flush themselves cause only problems.

Many of you may be saying, “Oh, I LOVE automatic flush on toilets because I don’t have to touch the handle where there are probably lots of germs.” You are the kind of people I will never understand. Life is kind of germy people. Wash your hands and get over it. I guarantee you by the time you by the time you’re out of the restroom and back to where ever you came from, you’ve picked up all sorts of germs. Your body can usually deal with them – it’s cool like that.

But I digress…. Here’s the list of why I absolutely hate toilets that flush automatically:

1. I am not a small girl – I’m pretty average. When I turn sideways in a mirror, I don’t disappear and when I stand behind a telephone pole, you can usually still see me. For some reason, I’m completely invisible to toilets that flush themselves. I’m going to try not to get too graphic here, but really, when you go to use the bathroom, the most annoying thing in the world is when it flushes 3 times on you in 2 minutes. Seriously. Can’t you see me here??

2. What a waste of water!! With all that unnecessary flushing, I can’t help but to think about the environment. Each flush uses 1.6 gallons of water in a newer efficient toilet. If the toilet is an older model, it uses 4 or more gallons of water with each flush. Each time that toilet thinks I’ve left, it flushes again and again. What a waste….

3. When you actually need them to work, they don’t. In the perfect situation, when you use one of these contraptions it would flush only once when you’re done and leaving the stall. Every now and then you get the toilets that seem to be malfunctioning. While I appreciate the lack of flushage while I’m still sitting there, when you’re done and finally do need to flush it you can’t ever find the handle or button!! They seem to be disguised in the cleverest of ways.

Okay, I think that’s my rant for the day. Happy flushing!!



~ by caitlinludwig on December 15, 2010.

7 Responses to “I Hate Automatic Toilets.”

  1. When I first starting reading this post, your #1 reason is the first reason for me that came to my mind for why I hate toilets that flush automatically. Having a toilet flush on you before you’re ready is so disgusting!!! Plus, if there are no seat covers, it makes the hover method completely impossible. Ugh!

  2. Since you’re going off topic here, may I suggest your next article? “In Defense of the Three-Hour Lunch…” Um, I may be able to help you out with that one 😉

  3. Yes! Wow, I totally agree with this. And to piggy back on Mika, flushing before is bad enough but if you get one of those crazy high powered toilets well…I’m sure you know!

    I also have to add to this restroom theme that I would like to say to those establishment owners who have restrooms with more than one stall – Please fix your stall doors that do not latch! This is especially difficult when you are alone because I’m not that acrobatically talented (and I’m sure I am not alone). Thanks for letting me share!

  4. Um…have you tried draping a strip of TP over the sensor? Solves the problem every time. Just sayin’.

  5. I have to agree with you here!!!! I have the same problem, when I try to go the restroom it’ll flush 2 or 3 times and Ill just think to myself really???? I have to agree I mean germs are everywhere. Even if you don’t get a few germs from flushing your own toilet.. youll get them from just touching a door handle or just shopping.

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