Dont Touch my Junk!!

The holidays are right around the corner.  And everyone is looking forward to the excitement of cooking, shopping and especially spending time with their friends and family.

For those that are not from Rockford, that means sooner or later we will be doing a great deal of traveling before the end of the year.  And for those that will be traveling, some of you may do that traveling by plane.

In case you haven’t been aware of the news in the past few weeks, things are changing at airports all across America.  Recently the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is under heat from rising complaints with people refusing to go through the new intrusive body scans, a new addition to the post 9-11 intensified pre-boarding procedures.

TSA’s Advance Imaging Technology (AIT), better known as full-body scanners, are capable of producing a nude image for remote security screeners using special x-ray technology that focuses on the skin.

Those wishing to opt out of the scan will face an “enhanced pat down,” which includes officials using the palm-side of their hand on sensitive areas like the breasts and crotch areas.  Just this past week a passenger from San Diego made headlines on his refusal to perform either procedure.   John Tyner, of Oceanside, California, refused to go through the body scanner or get a TSA pat down this past Saturday at the San Diego airport. The 31 year old passenger posted the experience on YouTube, where he is shown in an argument with airport security.  In the video he overheard saying, his now infamous line “If you touch my junk, I’m going to have you arrested,” Tyner told the screener. He was ultimately removed from the San Diego International Airport.

Ever since 9-11 we have had to put up with extra security in airports from taking our shoes and belts off to the size of liquid containers we can carry on board flights.  To me this is no different from what we’ve done in the past.  But unlike before, here comes a security measure that potentially invades our privacy.  Its been stated before that these new body scanners do not store images, it simply takes a temporary image long enough for security personnel to check for any contraband being hidden from view.

I personally understand the reasoning behind tighter security measures.  In this world, it saddens me how people will go to great lengths to harm the innocent because of a misguided belief.  If terrorists are willing to come up with new horrible ways to bring weapons on board a plane, it only makes sense for the government to act in a similar way to ensure our safety. Of course, no action taken by the government will ensure passenger safety, but it’s better than the alternative, doing nothing.

Some people will not agree with my support of these new measures.  Maybe it’s because I don’t fly as often as most or haven’t experienced a horrible experience with airport security. To me, going through a scanner doesn’t seem that big of a deal with me.  Believe me; I do understand the humility of someone with an x-ray image of your body (even if it’s only for a second or two) or the uncomfortable close inspection of a security agent going over your body with their palms (this is only if you refuse the scan).  We as Americans have so many freedoms, and at the same time so much to loose.  We often take our freedoms for granted because they are second nature to us. Every now and then we are asked to pay a small price for those freedoms and to be secure here in America. So keep in mind when you board that plane going on vacation or to visit your friends and family during the holiday season, its payday!

-Darold Ingram


~ by daroldingram on November 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “Dont Touch my Junk!!”

  1. Completely agree 🙂 I’ll take a pat down if it means I’ll be safe!

  2. I disagree that allowing someone to see a nude image if me or allowing someone to touch me inappropriately is a “small price to pay.”. I think it’s a huge price, an obvious invasion of privacy, and completely unacceptable. There absolutely must be a better way, and I think that we should all insist that it be found.

    Until then, you can bet I’ll be driving or taking a train when possible, and making a fuss should I find it completely necessary to fly.

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