Coming up a little Short!!

We’ve heard this saying from thousands of women for the last thousand years:  “I want a man who’s tall, dark and handsome.” Now to me, I can see that handsome is subjective and varies from person to person.  And of course there are varying degrees of what is considered “dark.”  But the one constant in that age old statement is TALL!!!

There have been studies on the many advantages of men with height.  Of course it’s a known fact that women prefer their men to be taller than they are.  First of all tall men are easier to see, and everyone knows they are around.  When a tall guy enters a room full of people, both men and women are aware of their presence. Its easier for a tall man to be noticed and recognized and also to gain people’s attention.

There have also been studies that point out that most corporate American CEO’s and executives on average are taller than 5 foot 11 (keep in mind the average height of men in America is 5 foot 9).  In certain parts of Africa, if you are a white American male of significant height, you will immediately be considered rich and wealthy by the citizens of that country.

So ladies, I’ve got a question for you.  Could you ever see yourself with a man whose shorter than you? Is height on a man simply just height or is it a symbol of something more?  Is height a symbol of strength and power?  Do you feel more secure (not just physically but also emotionally secure) with a man with significant height?

What is it that makes a man who’s shorter than the average man simply a turnoff?  If you met a great guy, who was financially stable, the perfect example of the kind of man you would want in your life, would you kick him to the curb because he simply comes up a little short in the height department?

I’m sure some of you would say ABSOLUTELY NOT!  That it’s more than what’s on the outside that counts; you have to consider what’s on the inside as well.  But I’m also certain that some of you would say YES!  There are some women that find the idea of dating a shorter man comical and simply awkward.  Is it arrogance or preference?  Keep in mind, ladies, that men don’t care how tall or short you are.  To us height isn’t an attractive trait we seek in women (there are however other traits men find attractive in women, but that’s another blog post!).

I’m not a dating or relationship guru (THAT’S MIKA’S JOB!!).  And I know that people will always have preferences when it comes to what’s attractive.  But also keep in mind that no matter how hard and far you seek, you’ll almost never come across the perfect person. We all come up a little short in life, whether it’s height, looks, financial status, social status and many other traits and features we, unfortunately, all too often use to compare ourselves to others.  I don’t believe there is a perfect person out there in the world, but I do believe that there is a person who’s perfect for you!

-Darold Ingram


~ by daroldingram on November 10, 2010.

8 Responses to “Coming up a little Short!!”

  1. As a woman of only 5-foot-2-inches, I think it’s safer for me to say that I prefer men to be taller than me because if they’re shorter, they’re barely hitting the 5-foot mark!! I think my history of dating tall men hasn’t necessarily been a preference, though, because height can be really subjective. Since I’m so petite, everyone’s tall to me!

    (BTW, thanks for the plug in your post!)

  2. Was this post brought on by Caitlin’s post yesterday…? 🙂
    And I think that I disagree with your “men don’t care how tall or short [the ladies] are” statement.
    So, Mika, are you saying that there’s something wrong with a man that is barely hitting the 5-foot mark?

    • I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a man who’s barely hitting the 5-foot mark, but I guess to answer Darold’s question, I’m not sure I would be attracted to someone who’s smaller than me. There is kind of this instinctual desire to be with a man who I know could protect me since I’m ridiculously small, and I just feel safer and more secure with someone who’s at least slightly bigger than me. Is that unfair? Shallow,even? Yes, absolutely. But it’s the truth, and I’d be a total liar if I said otherwise. That’s not to say I might not give it a chance — it really depends on what kind of connection I have with that person. I’d hate to say I’d rule him out completely. He’d just have a more challenging time courting me, I guess.

    • Hi Jared,

      Just for the record this is not a “sequel” from Caitlin’s post yesterday. I’ve been thinking aobut height issues, between men and women for the past several days. Lately I’ve found myself to be the “short person” in the crowd at social gatherings as of late and it made me wonder what societie’s take on that is.

      It’s strange how some subjects seem to connect with each other 🙂

  3. I’m all for a guy who’s financially stable, treats me well and has a sense of humor. Honestly, height has never really been a factor for me. I tend to date guys that are right around my height – barely any taller. I haven’t really run into a lot of guys that are shorter than me, but if he’s great in other ways (makes me laugh, would be a good partner for life, is responsible and I know will be there for me) I’d say sign me up!

    Like I said yesterday, my mom is taller than my dad and while it bothers her some every now and then (she NEVER wears heels) I’ve never noticed it as odd.

    Honestly, sometimes a guy can be TOO TALL!

  4. (Maybe we need some comments from women that are considered “tall” to see what they think…)

  5. HA!! I’m on the average side of things I think. Without heels (which is hardly ever) I’m 5’6″. That’s pretty average I’m pretty sure but with heels, I’m more like 5’9″. Even if a guy was 5’5″ 5’6″ or 5’7″ I’d still date him AND wear my heels. 🙂

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