All The Way Up To My Butt

I have tiny little eyes. I hate my tiny little eyes. I feel like my life would be a whole lot more successful and over all better if I had bigger eyes. My friend hates her arms. She doesn’t like how they look in shirts and would do just about anything to make them the arms of her dreams. We’ve all got some part of ourselves that we just don’t like but there’s really nothing we can do about it. My eyes will always be tiny and that’s just a fact of life but that doesn’t mean I’m happy about it.

The other day, I was siting on the couch watching a movie with my mom and dad. Now, a little history – my mom is a bit taller than my dad – she’s 5′ 11″ and my dad stands at about 5′ 7″ on a good day. They were sitting next to each other with both of their legs on the ottoman. Needless to say, my mom’s legs went farther on the ottoman than my dad’s. She looked at him and asked him how he gets by on those short little legs? (My family’s hilarious… comments like this aren’t unusual but are always said with a dose of love and laughter.)

He looked at her and said “They’re perfect. They go all the way up to my butt.”

Well, no one could argue with that. Some people would be upset that they have short little legs but my dad? My dad sees them as the perfect pair to get the job done. After all, if they were any longer, they’d go right past his butt and that would just be no good.

This whole concept cracked me up but has a great message built right in. Maybe what’s right in front of us is just perfect to get the job at hand done. We only need legs that go up to our butt to walk – not the tallest legs in the world. They may not be the prettiest, coolest legs in town, but hey, they get the job done and for that, we should be thankful.

So, the next time you find a “flaw” in life you can’t do much about, take a really hard look at it. Is it getting the job done? If it were different, how much else would have to change about you? Perhaps what you were given naturally is exactly what you need to get you through life in the best possible way. I can see out of my tiny little eyes and today, I’m going to be thankful for that and not worry about the fact that they aren’t bigger.

After all, if they were bigger, they might fall right off my face and that’s just plain awkward….



~ by caitlinludwig on November 9, 2010.

4 Responses to “All The Way Up To My Butt”

  1. Hi Caitlin,

    Great post!! It’s all to often we, as human beings always look at ourselves with too critical an eye. Trust me I’m speaking about myself as well. No one is perfect. Lets just be thankful for what we have physically.

    In a way I kinda know how you feel, sometimes I feel my eyes are too big and wish the were a bit smaller.

  2. I love your dad’s thinking!! As a shorty, I think it’s a way of thinking that I should adopt because I’m constantly wishing I was taller.

  3. Made me laugh. Of course I laughed when he said it too! You are lucky that your dad is so sensible and happy with what he has. I’ve always said he is the richest man in the world because he has what he has and he appreciates it, never wants more. Love you. MOM

  4. HAHAHA I love it! You’re Dad cracks me up šŸ™‚ At least I have arms – otherwise my shirts would hang all weird and well that would be awkward for hand shakes and such šŸ˜‰ Great post – and BTW I love your eyes!

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