Men!! Women!! Lend me your ears.  It’s time to call a truce.  It’s time to sit down at our own little Appomattox.  Let’s sign our own Treaty of Versailles.  In short, its time to have a peace treaty between men and women.

All over, television, and society, people want you to believe that there is an invisible war going on between men and women. Whether it be who is better fit to lead a company, raise a family, or run a country, everyone has their opinion on who’s better suited for the role. It’s gone on for decades.

While feminists (the extreme men-haters out there) may want the opposite sex to fail, and male chauvinists vice versa, both sides, male and female, have had their share of success. While women have increased their prosperity financially in all areas of the work force while men have continued their rise financially as well.

So why am I writing this? It’s become clear to me that there needs to be a discussion on how both men and women have helped each other prosper in society.  Instead of assuming that both men and women for decades have been and odds, and normally competing against one another, I’m here to shed some light on the symbiotic relationship that has existed right under our nose.

Gloria Marie Steinem, the famous American feminist, once observed this trend, way beck in the 1970’s.  While speaking to Congress on behalf of the Equal Rights Amendment, she stated that one important reason women’s rights have progressed is a “return of fathers to their children”.  She declared that “Women’s liberation is men’s liberation too.”

Comparing now to the 1970’s women are better off than forty years ago.  Women nearly make up 51 percent of the work force.  Currently there are more women then men achieving advanced degrees such as MBAs and PhDs.  And more and more women are out earning their spouses at home.  But of course women still have a ways to go in reaching the upper percentile of the business world.  So how can women achieve this formidable task?  Simple!  They just need men to prosper as well.

So how does this work, well its pretty straight forward.  In a recent Newsweek article, titled “Men’s Lib”, authors Andrew Romano and Tony Dokoupil explain how the stereotypical “blue collar” male employee needs to change a little.  In this changing economy, men need to “man up” and consider areas of employment that have normally been considered off limits, or forbidden to men, such as nursing, social working, and teaching.  While these have been female dominated industries, these areas of employment are predicted to grow the most in the coming years. Just as social clubs, and corporate boards benefit from being diverse so will the workforce benefit from men and women working together in the same fields.  This eliminates many of the prejudices that exist between the two sexes.  Not only will diversity eliminate this pattern of age old thinking but adding more men to low wage professions will actually cause the average salaries of these low wage salaries improve as well as help to close the all too well known wage gap that exists America.  Not only that, studies have shown that if the American workplace truly becomes more male/female diverse, the GDP in this country could increase by nearly 10 percent!

The reasons are not just limited to the workplace as well.  Women need men to be a presence in the home, household, partnership, and with parenting.  There’s always talk of success stories of the single mother prospering alone and with children.  But studies have shown that no matter how successful the average single mother is, she still has a long way to go to achieve the level of success a working married woman has.

So let’s put an end to the battle of the sexes!  Let’s rally for each others cause! Men support women and women support men.  Only together will this create a healthier, more diverse, workforce that’s much more productive than the one we have now.

I don’t know about you, but I like this idea!

Darold Ingram


~ by daroldingram on September 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “END THE WAR!!”

  1. Really interesting, Darold! Way to bring a new perspective to an age old issue. Nice post.


  2. Nice article, Darold 🙂

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