Top 5 reasons to watch football

One of my favorite things about this time of year is football. From high school and college games to the NFL, football games can be exciting events that provide great entertainment. So to honor the start of the football season, here are my top five reasons to see a game this year.

1. It’s an excuse for a party

Not that you need an excuse to have your friends over, but planning a big party to watch a game can be great. Grill out while the weather is still nice or order a couple of pizzas, then sit back and cheer on your favorite team with your friends. Or grab your friends and head to a local restaurant. Many places have specials for the games and you don’t have to do the cleanup. And for those of you who have friends that like the opposing team… Raise the stakes and have some fun! A little competition never killed anyone.

2. Tailgating

Need I say more? What better way to spend your afternoon then tailgating at a game? Grab the cooler, food, and the tailgate toss and head to your favorite stadium to see a game.

3. Makes a great date
Let’s face it ladies, there aren’t many guys out there who don’t like football. So grab your boyfriend, husband, or best guy friend, and head out to a game. Go to a local high school game on a Friday night or plan a trip to see an NFL game. No matter where you go, you will have a great time cheering on the team and spending quality time with your guy.  Plus, your man will love you for it.
4.  If you are a girl, knowing something about football will make you look cool
And even if you are a guy, knowing what is going on in football is important. This time of year it is a key topic at all social functions, so guys and girls, you need to know a little something! You don’t want to be the only one at work Monday morning who missed the play of the year.

5. You might see the next football superstar

High school and college football are highly competitive and produce some great talent. Check out your local high schools to see when the top conference teams are playing or visit your local college and get a schedule. You never know, you could be watching the future Super Bowl MVP.


~ by Karissa on September 19, 2010.

One Response to “Top 5 reasons to watch football”

  1. How about the fact that you might not have a chance to see another NFL game for quite a long time? Rumor has it that there might not be a 2012 season, so get in games while you still can.

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