What Is Your Relationship Forecast?

One of the hardest things about relationships — whether it be a friendship or romantic relationship — is that they don’t always last. No matter how many memories you’ve built, how much emotion you’ve invested, how much time you’ve spent, it’s not always enough to make a relationship last. Losing a friend or significant other can be devastating. They can become ingrained in your daily life, like a habit you don’t really want to break. And the effects of the loss can be emotionally scarring. But no matter the reason for a person taking a permanent curtain call in the stage of your life, each person who crosses our paths leaves a mark on us in their own special way.

I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m a believer in fate or destiny, but I do believe I have never met anyone coincidentally. I think every single person I have ever encountered has crossed my path in order to impact my life’s journey, no matter how big or small the result.

When I was young, I read a poem called “Reason Season Lifetime.” There are a few different versions of the poem floating around the Internet and no real agreement on who actually wrote it, but click here for a version I found on some random poetry website. When I first read the poem, I thought it was compelling and interesting but didn’t really have enough life experience to truly appreciate the author’s message. But now that poem rings incredibly true for me.

I’ve had some pretty amazing relationships, and I’ve had some pretty abusive ones as well. But despite the fact that I’ve collected enough emotional baggage over the years to make luggage carts sag, I truly believe every memory and every experience — good and bad — taught me something about life and made me a stronger person. I can definitely identify the people in my life who were there for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

Some of those people taught me what it means to have true friends.
Some of those people taught me I need to take better care of myself.
Some of those people taught me the importance of setting personal boundaries.
Some of those people taught me that not everyone is going to like me — no matter how nice I am to them.
Some people taught me that trust is a privilege, not a right.
And some of those people taught me the frightening power of love.

So to all of my reason, season, lifetime people: You’ve made me laugh. You’ve made me cry. You’ve made me feel like I’m on top of the world, and you’ve made me feel like life isn’t worth living. But through it all, you’ve helped shaped me into the person I am today. And for that, I thank you.

Love and a chance of showers,



~ by Mika Doyle on September 17, 2010.

8 Responses to “What Is Your Relationship Forecast?”

  1. Great post, Mika. There’s no random chance in life – everything and everyone happens for a reason. It’s hard to carry the excess weight of past relationships, but for me at least, it does fade in time.

    • Thanks, Marie! I too think the weight lessens and fades with time. Everyone deals with these things differently, but for me, past hurts are much easier to deal with when I find a positive way they’ve affected me. It’s hard to do sometimes, but not impossible!

  2. Love this. Absolutely love. And I believe it all too… Every one’s here for a reason. Even if that reason isn’t always clear… – Caitlin

    • Thanks, Caitlin! You’re right — the reason isn’t always clear at first, and sometimes it even takes years to figure out why some things happen to you. I have to believe there is a reason for everything, otherwise the chaos of this thing we call life would consume me!

  3. So beautiful, Mika, and so true! Glad I met you so I can experience the awesomeness that is you 🙂

    • Wow, Tricia, I am so humbled!! I’m so glad I’ve met you, too, and am looking forward to the chance to get to know you better!

  4. […] about how every person we encounter in life teaches us some sort of life lesson in the post “What is Your Relationship Forecast?” I truly believe every experience we have in life — good or bad — shapes us into […]

  5. […] about how every person we encounter in life teaches us some sort of life lesson in the post “What is Your Relationship Forecast?” I truly believe every experience we have in life — good or bad — shapes us into […]

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