Why are you here?

Recently my phone was having some problems so I went into the store to have it looked at. After clearing all my information and giving me a new battery, he asked for my cell phone number so they could log the battery change. I still have my Michigan area code, so when I gave him my number he asked me where I was from and why I am now in Rockford. When I told him I moved here because of a job, he just stopped and looked at me. He seemed puzzled for a minute, and then asked if I worked for GM. I said no, that my husband and I moved here after college, and he seemed so surprised.

Since moving to Rockford two years ago, I have been asked why I came here many times, and the response is always the same. It seems impossible to some people that I would move to Rockford and that I would find a job. This is so surprising to me! My husband is the reason we originally moved to Rockford. He got a job offer here before we even graduated college. During spring break my senior year, my parents and I drove up to Rockford to look around and see what the town was like. After spending a few days here, I really liked the town and found a few apartments that my husband and I could look at once we got closer to graduation. We moved here in May of 2008, and by June I had found a job as well. To me, Rockford is a city with some great opportunities and has been a great place to start our life. We got married in May of 2009 and purchased our first home up in Machesney Park soon after the wedding.

Now that we have been here two years, I have just come to expect the question when someone learns that I am not from here. I just smile and tell my story. And I hope that by me sharing why I am here, people will begin to take pride in Rockford and realize that there are jobs and you can make a life here. I look forward to the day when I tell someone I moved to Rockford for a job, and they say that they did too.


~ by Karissa on September 12, 2010.

One Response to “Why are you here?”

  1. Many people that I come across only seem to believe that young professionals can move in one direction — towards a more densely populated city. I don’t understand why they don’t see advantages to moving either direction on that scale. As for the guy being dumbfounded that you’d moved here for work… Some people just don’t get out much, I guess. I love seeing the new people at my work-place get out and get to know the town!

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