Four Pounds

Tommy rocking out his sunglasses!

There’s a man in my life that I just can’t get enough of. He’s always there to pick me up after a long, hard day; always happy to see me no matter what I look like, have or haven’t done during the day or my mood. He accepts me for who I am and what I do in life and honestly thinks I’m pretty fantastic. You may have guessed it, this awesome dude is my dog – Tommy also known fondly by my family as THE TOM.

Tommy is a 4 lb Morkie – a mix between a Yorkie and a Maltese. Basically, I would give my left arm for the little guy. Today (this is actually Sunday – I’m writing a bit early for the week….) Tommy and I spent most of the day together catching up on work and general life chores. I couldn’t help but think about how many things I could learn from Tommy. I know people make these sorts of lists all the time so I figured I should through a YP (young professional) spin on it. So here we go:

All I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From THE TOM:

1. Greet every one you meet with a smile.

First impressions are everything – whether it be a job interview, meeting a client for the first time or meeting a friend – a smile goes a long way. So often we carry around the weight of our days on our shoulders and forget the very basics of humanity. Smiling, even when your day is the worst possible, can only lead to a better day and to even better connections. Ask THE TOM. Often a smile (or in his case, a tail wag and complete utter excitement) leads to new friends, treats and a pat on the head. Perhaps your smile will lead to a job promotion, a new client or an extension on a pressing deadline. You never know until you try.

2. Eat until you’re full and then walk away.

THE TOM has a hilarious way of eating. He eats one very small piece of kibble at a time and walk far away from his bowl to chew it. After he’s finished, he makes the journey back to the bowl, grabs another kibble and heads out again. While this is a great diet tip, “eating” can be a bit more metaphorical. We’re surrounded by a world of excess. Examine your life. What do you actually need?? Try the trick of “eating until your full” with your things in life. Do you need that extra pair of shoes? Do you need one more iPod or big screen TV? Maybe there’s something better you can do with the gifts you’re given.

3. Go on a walk and enjoy your surroundings.

Whenever let outside, THE TOM sniffs everything. Nothing passes through him without a solid inspection. He sniffs the grass, runs through the field and rolls in the dirt. He experiences everything. Too often, we let our world pass us by without examination. We never notice the sky is blue because our Facebook status needs updating. We miss the smell of fresh-cut grass because we’re inside catching the next Netflix. Every now and then, take a walk and sniff everything. Maybe even roll around in the dirt….

4. Take a nap in the sun whenever possible.

We run ourselves on empty now a days. Every now and then, the very best thing you can do is take a nap. If you run on no sleep, eventually it will catch up to you. Hit the hay for a reasonable amount of time and take time to check out of the world and catch up with yourself for a bit. Even better?? Lay in the sun. 🙂

And 5. Appreciate those around you.

THE TOM is always quick with a lick or snuggle to show that he appreciates and love you. When some one if your life does something you appreciate, be sure to say thank you. Not only is this good manners, but it shows your conscience of the people and world around you. Appreciation is so often left unsaid but it really noticed when it is put into place. Go the extra mile and say thank you. You never know when it will come back around to set you above the rest.

So, that’s it! THE TOM and I are headed out for a walk before we start the week again. Happy (Sunday) Tuesday!!



~ by caitlinludwig on August 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “Four Pounds”

  1. And people will think that you are adorable when you go from being naked to wearing a sweater!

  2. The Tom makes every day a special day! Nice article about him. I read it to him and he LOVED it!

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