All Sorts of Naked

About a month and a half ago, I decided that I needed to start exercising again and joined the YMCA. I paid my dues, took a tour of the place and got a listing of all the upcoming classes. A friend and I decided to work out together and we found the early morning water aerobics class to be a good fit. Full of enthusiasm and hope that this would be an exercise plan I would like and could stick to, I set my alarm for 5:02a.m. and prayed for the best.

The next morning, I threw on my suit, grabbed my lunch and was out the door. I swiped my freshly made card and was in the club. I walked to the ladies locker room, stepped inside and BAM!!! I was hit with all sorts of naked.

Now, you may be thinking, “What were you expecting?” and to answer that, I guess I would have to admit that I have no idea but it certainly wasn’t that. Now, don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing sexual or wrong about a locker room full of naked women. I have no problem with it. It just completely took me by surprise. It amazed me how many women strutted through the locker room, chatting with friends, putting on lotion or brushing their hair COMPLETELY NAKED. The majority of shower curtains (yes, there are shower curtains on the shower stalls) went completely unused. Me and my cute little robe were completely in the minority.

Still, a month and a half later, I’m a big advocate of the curtain in the shower, the changing rooms and my adorable little robe but I have a whole new respect for these naked women. They are so comfortable with their bodies and themselves that they just really don’t care. I applaud their self-esteem and confidence in themselves. A group of women is not an easy bunch to face – especially sans cover ups. These women put it all out on the line and say “Here I am! Take me or leave me.” and for that, I’m impressed.

Now, if only we could take this attitude outside of the locker room (but throw the clothes back on…). So often, our main concern is what others are thinking about us. I find it extremely difficult to get through life without constantly worried about the whispers, the looks or even the thoughts of others. When I do finally become comfortable enough in a situation to forget about all of that, I find I’m more real, have more fun and generally love life more. Now, to transition that attitude of “Here I am! Take me or leave me.” to other situations in life, that’s a whole new challenge.

The women in the YMCA locker room still take me by surprise every now and then and I don’t think I’ll be ditching the robe any time soon but they have taught me something. At some point, you live your life for yourself and how you’re comfortable. And if that’s butt-naked while combing you hair? Well, then so be it.



~ by caitlinludwig on August 17, 2010.

3 Responses to “All Sorts of Naked”

  1. Great post Caitlin!

    I didn’t realize that women were so “open” in showing their goods in the locker room. I thought that was something that men were fond of doing. I guess this is proof that men and women are more similar than we think!

    And to be honest, I have no problem with a locker room full of naked women.

  2. I have taken one very important piece of information from this blog: I want to take water aerobics with you!!! 🙂

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