Taking Some Time

The month of July reminded me that life can be exhausting. There are just times in life when things are going fantastically and others when you seem to hit a bit of a low. For reasons I won’t bore you with here, July was one of my lower months. While the reasons don’t matter, I know that every one gets in one of these funks that I have found myself in lately. The real question isn’t why you’re there (you usually know the answer to that) but what you’re going to do to keep moving forward. I have decided that I need to travel. It may not always be far, but it’s traveling none the less. After all, traveling is really just leaving where you currently are.

The idea of traveling to find yourself isn’t new. One of my all time favorite books is “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert (soon to be made into a feature film starring Julia Roberts, my all time favorite actresses!! Can you tell I’m in heaven??). In the novel, Liz takes a year and travels to Italy, India and Indonesia to spend time finding herself. She focuses on enjoying herself, spends another four months praying and her last four months learning. She does the unthinkable to most Americans – she takes some time to stop and figure it all out. Whoa. Hold the phone. She doesn’t get a quick fix, grab a self-help book or quick pop some pills?? She stops her life for a year? Impossible. Poppycock. But, is it??

Well, maybe. Most of us can’t take an entire year to find ourselves. We have bills to pay and jobs to keep. A year may not actually be possible but taking some time is possible. I don’t have the funds or the time to travel to Italy right now even though I very much would love to. Does that mean I can’t take some time to turn off my phone, leave my computer at home and check out of every day life just to get back to myself for a few days? Absolutely not. Perhaps taking an afternoon to hang out at Rock Cut. Maybe take a drive down to my Alma Mater (Illinois Wesleyan University – Go Titans!!) and just sit on the quad. Perhaps it’s as simple as heading out to my backyard with a good book or a good box of Kleenex (who doesn’t love a good cry??) and lounging in the hammock. The point is that I take some time. I let everything slow down. I let the emails wait. I don’t answer the phone. I find myself and my thoughts and I just reconnect.

Taking time is important especially for young professionals. Life can be hectic. Don’t miss the small opportunities to sit back and just check in to yourself. You and every one around you will be happier you did.

Now, if you’ll excuse me… my hammock is calling.



~ by caitlinludwig on August 3, 2010.

4 Responses to “Taking Some Time”

  1. Better yet – put it on the calendar and block it off. Force it to happen or it won’t!

  2. Ditto, Caitlin, ditto. Hammock time is definitely in order! This funk shall pass… 😉

  3. The secondary challenge is to not allow yourself to feel guilty once you do take that time to collect yourself. I know I have problems with that. One night very recently I went out to my porch and read for a couple of hours, all the while fighting this feeling that I was doing something wrong. Ugh, what has life come to!!

  4. There was just a recent article on LifeHacker that talked about the same thing, and how a majority of people have a hard time relaxing.
    I personally find that its more of a game of “beating the distractions”.
    Reference to article:

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