Mirror Mirror on the Wall………

Let’s admit it! EVERYONE wants to be considered beautiful.  Guys want to be a ladies man, and women want to be the desire of every man in the universe.  Everyone desires to be highly favored by the world for their looks and features.  But unfortunately, everyone cannot achieve this due to the burden of society’s incredibly harsh and high standard of beauty.

Why does everyone desire to be considered beautiful? Does it make life easier?  Does it ensure that we have an abundance of friends?  Does it mean that we will never be alone?  The reason varies for people, no matter how superficial the reason may be.

But one reason, however, may have to do on our success not with society, but of all places, the workplace.

As I was pondering what topic to do a post on diversity on, I came across a very interesting article out of this week’s edition of Newsweek magazine.  If you are interested in this post, I would highly suggest you pick up a copy and read the entire article yourself.  There is an article, by Jessica Bennett that deals with the advantage of beauty in the workplace.

You may not have thought that being considered attractive can have such a significant on your job, or even if you have a job at all but it does!  This is especially true for women.  While men can get away with grey hair, having a beer belly, and resemble George Wendt from Cheers, women face much more scrutiny.

For instance, Newsweek did a poll of hiring managers, and the results were startling.  Fifty-seven percent of hiring managers told Newsweek, that qualified but unattractive candidates are likely to have a harder time landing a job, while more than half advised spending as much time and money on making sure they look attractive as on improving their resume.  For women, flaunting their curves apparently works.  61 percent of hiring managers surveyed said its an advantage for a women to show off her figure in the workplace.  And when asked to rank employee attributes in order of importance, looks came in third behind (1) experience, (2) confidence, and in front of (4) where a candidate went to school.

Are you overweight?  Well the news even gets worse, for both men and women.  About 60 percent of overweight women and 40 percent of overweight men said they’ve experienced employment discrimination, which stems from their physical appearance.

It all seems quite confusing to me.  We are living in a time where woman have more rights and opportunities than ever, but it seems in a way we are quietly moving backwards and not forwards.  Just because women are making an impact in fields such as politics, sports, medicine and just about every significant field possible, we shouldn’t overlook the fact that society still carries the horrible burden that women should carry with them a significant degree of attractiveness in order to be accepted in a male dominated world.

Yes it should be more about looks.  To be honest with you, when a person simply focuses on how a person looks on the outside, he or she blinds themselves on what lies under the surface. Being beautiful or attractive tells us nothing of what kind of person they are, their intelligence, or how they perform on their job.

There’s no better example of this than Warren G. Harding.  Now, who is Warren G. Harding you may ask.  If you said a former president of the United States, you would be correct!  Warren G. Harding was our nation’s 29th president.

He was a tall, broad shouldered, rock of a man with a chiseled face to match.  With dark complexions, he had, what some scientists would say, a perfect proportioned body. And he was a NORTORIOUS ladies man. In the opinions of many historians, he “simply looked the part of President of the United States. When you looked at him, you knew you were looking at the President of the United States”.   Looks and physical traits aside, they couldn’t be further from the truth.

Warren Harding was not an intelligent man.  He was known more as a playboy, drinking and chasing women, then as a true honest politician.  Harding’s term as President of the United States was riddled with scandals and filled with absolute bad decisions that gave him the distinct title as one of the worst presidents of the United States.

-Darold Ingram


~ by daroldingram on July 28, 2010.

6 Responses to “Mirror Mirror on the Wall………”

  1. Great post, Darold! Out of curiosity, do you remember if Newsweek included the gender break-down of the hiring managers they polled? I’m just curious to see if they were polling just men or both men and women. Your post saddens me, but at the same time, the information doesn’t surprise me at all. I struggle to be taken seriously all the time because of my looks — I’m 5′ 2″ and look younger than my real age, so I get treated like a little girl all the time. I’m shocked and very pleased when male colleagues actually shake my hand firmly and not flimsily.

    • Thanks for the reply Mika. To my knowledge, they didn’t give the age breakdown on the hiring managers. I only picked certain aspects of the article. It also goes into detail on how being attractive for a man can earn him more money than not being attractive.

      It also touches on age discrimination for women and how as a woman gets older it becomes increasingly difficult to find a job in comparison to a young, twenty-something woman.

      • That’s so interesting! I have heard that it’s especially hard for women in the media, though I’ve noticed maybe that might be changing because I’m seeing a few “older” women still on the news. What a great topic, Darold. I’d definitely be interesting in hearing more about it.

  2. Wow Darold!! Another great post!! Really really interesting. I’ve heard that looks play a large part in hiring before but these numbers are shocking. I can’t decide if it would be better to train managers to look beyond the appearance (knowing that customers won’t) or train individuals to improve their appearance by dressing appropriately and professionally. It’s sad that our society has come to this but it’s good that some one shed some light on it. Hopefully it will level the playing field a little bit.

    Really interesting – nice job!!


  3. […] while back I did a blog post on how beauty and looking attractive can be beneficial in the work place.  While this is […]

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