Tiny Miracles

Humans can do absolutely terrifying things.  We constantly hear on the news all of the horrible acts people can commit – acts of violence that are, at times, unthinkable.  Fights over politics, religion, love and money… the news is filled with acts of terror, hatred and pure spite.   So often, we’re surrounded by the bad that we can’t see any good – we can’t even remember if there IS any good!!

I find myself thinking a lot in my car.  Time by myself allows my mind to wander.  I think about the world and what’s happening – the oil spill, shooting of innocent people, terrorism at a national level… sadly the list goes on.  It all seems so bad.  Well, it all IS so bad!!  My thoughts are interrupted by the sounds of a siren and I immediately glance around to pinpoint the exact direction in which the ambulance is racing.   I can’t see the ambulance because there seem to be cars in every direction.  Suddenly, like the red sea, the cars in front of me part.  People let vehicles from other lanes in, some one inches forward to make more room, those with the green light remain in place.   With ease, the ambulance is able to journey through the busiest intersection in Rockford with ease.  And then, just as quickly as it stopped, life starts up again.

I’m amazed.  Time, motion and life has stopped out of respect for the unknown victim inside.  No where in sight is a police officer to enforce the behavior but, rather, this was done completely on the honor system.  There was no way to tell who the ambulance carried inside – man, woman, child, white, black, young or old – it didn’t matter.  What mattered was that that person needed help and no one was going to stand in the way.

Life is filled with tiny miracles such as these but  no one ever talks about them.  These moments of good nature and kindness towards others, even when the other is unknown, are completely trampled upon by the bombs, guns and wars.  The tragedies of the world are just that – tragedies – but the small acts of kindness are what will keep the world turning.

I encourage you to celebrate the tiny miracles in your day – when traffic stops for an ambulance or a funeral procession, when some one holds the door for an elderly man or someone with their hands full, when the stranger ahead of you in the drive-thru pays for your morning coffee.  These are life’s miracles.  This is the goodness shining through.  What tiny miracles will you celebrate today??



~ by caitlinludwig on July 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Tiny Miracles”

  1. I look forward to your posts every week, Caitlin. You always find something small in life and show us how amazing and wonderful it can be. Your posts remind me of how much I take for granted and how beautiful life can be. You’ve chosen the perfect name for your column “Finding the Good” because you really do find the good in everyday life that most of us just don’t recognize. I feel like your column is a weekly kick in the pants to be grateful to just be alive.

  2. Well thanks Mika!! Glad to hear you’re a fan. 🙂 I always love reading your posts as well because, boy oh boy can I relate. 🙂

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