“Yelp” finding the best tacos in Dallas

As you may have guessed from my absence for the last couple weeks (sorry, guys!), I’ve been doing some summer traveling. I think one of the best parts of a vacation is exploring a new place or finding something off your regular path if you happen to be taking a “staycation.” My favorite tool for finding a new place to try, near or far, is Yelp.

Yelp, in case you’re unfamiliar, is a social network of “Yelpers” who write honest reviews of places to eat and things to do. With something like 11 million reviews, it’s a pretty great tool for using the power of the crowd to find out what a place is really like, before you go…or to share your opinions about it afterward!

When I found myself in out in Chicago on a Friday night without a place picked for dinner, I fired up Yelp on my phone, added my search criteria (open and $ or $$  (it ranks price up to $$$$)) and moments later I had a list of highly recommended places within feet of my location. Cool! The best part is, Yelp didn’t let me down. My friend and I had an amazing dinner at a place we never would have picked on our own. Huzzah!

I’ve recently become a Yelper, and I’m looking forward to sharing my own opinions about the places I go. Before I end, I have to tell you about a wonderful little taco place I used to frequent in Dallas. I don’t know how I ended up there the first time, but my guess is somebody first saw it on Yelp. My friend and I stopped in on our lunch break at a literal hole in the wall called Tacos El Guero. I’d driven past it a ton of times and never noticed the colorful corner of the gas station on Bryan. The owner came out (after giving us newbies a free taco each!) and chatted with us in rough English for a few minutes. On his way back inside, he turned and said with a wink, “Be sure to write about us on Yelp.” I love a small business owner with a social media plan!

So…do you Yelp?


~ by Anthea on July 22, 2010.

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