Sticker Charts

(Sorry for the post delay… I usually write on Tuesdays but my Tuesday was a bit overbooked… So consider this a Tuesday posing in Wednesday clothing..)

“Life takes on meaning when you become motivated, set goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner.” – Les Brown

Motivation comes in all sorts of forms.  Some people reward themselves with small gifts as they achieve goals.  Others journal their experiences and why they feel a certain way and learn from the past to motivate their future.  A few people even go so far as to find motivation through fear.  My motivational form of choice?  STICKER CHARTS.

That’s right.  I’m 24 and rely heavily on sticker charts to get things done in my life.  It’s really a beautiful thing.  I print out a blank calendar for any set number of days.  Then, I figure out my goal and what exactly earns me a sticker.  Go to the gym?  STICKER!  Stay on my diet?  STICKER!  Accomplish both the gym and the diet and DON’T celebrate by getting ice cream?  DOUBLE STICKERS!  I earn the stickers at the end of the day and proudly affix them to my freshly printed calendar.  Bad day?  No stickers…

The concept really is quite odd.  I print out the calendar.  I buy the stickers.  I have the power to stick every last one of those shiny happy faces to a piece of paper at one time but for some reason, I don’t.  Earning a sticker means something to me – it means that I was true to myself and my goals all day.  If I cheat and add stickers to days where I didn’t earn them, I’m only cheating myself and that seems awfully silly.  So often in life we try to take the short cut, take the easy way or put things off for tomorrow and just skip right to the reward.  All we are doing is cheating ourselves.  We’re filling the blank pages of our lives with stickers we didn’t earn.  Instead, life can be full of stickers that we worked hard to achieve and we can proudly tape to the fridge and say “Look world!!”

My suggestion?  Grab a variety pack of stickers and a few blank calendar pages and start setting some goals.  They can be small or they can be huge.  Your chart can be daily, weekly or yearly.  In the end, the goal, the time line and the reward are up to you.  But if you find yourself in need of some motivation and looking for an efficient (and cheap!) reward system, try the sticker chart.  I guarantee you, you’ll be glad that you did.



~ by caitlinludwig on July 14, 2010.

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