How Many Frogs Have You Kissed?

Princess and the Frog, Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Princess and the Frog, Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved

When I was 17, I took a trip with a friend and her family to New Orleans, where a scruffy, white-haired, roughneck of a fortune teller read my palm. He told me I would be single for 5 years before I met Mr. Right, and I’d kiss plenty of frogs along the way (I remember him laughing a wheezy laugh at this statement). At the time, I couldn’t even fathom being single for 5 whole years. When you’re a teenager, even a month can seem like an eternity, so 5 years just sounded like an impossibility. So I dismissed Gandalf’s hillbilly cousin and forgot all about his predictions. 

Fast forward to the present. It’s been 9 years since my future was foretold, and I’m nearing that 5 year mark of singlehood. It’s been 3 1/2 years since I’ve been in a relationship, and I can honestly say those 3 1/2 years have flown by. From the time I was 17 until now, I’ve definitely loved, lost, and everything else in between. And I have certainly kissed my fair share of frogs. But through it all, I’ve found out who I really am and what I really want from life, and that’s what makes the ups and downs of relationships truly worth it.

This column, which is called Love-Drunk or Hungover, is dedicated to all-things relationships, from that euphoric, almost hazy drunk-like feeling of love to the absolute torturous hangover of loss and/or rejection. I’ll be exploring the highs and lows of singlehood, relationships and break ups (yes, there are highs for those, too!), and I hope you all come with me for the ride. This column is a conversation, not a monologue, so I hope you all share your insights, comments, and, most importantly, your stories, no matter how crazy, painful or funny.

Love is a battlefield. I hope you’ve got your armor. Or at least a good left-cross.

Love and machetes,


~ by Mika Doyle on June 11, 2010.

11 Responses to “How Many Frogs Have You Kissed?”

  1. I love this article Mika. Very well written, and keeps the interest all the way through. I found myself looking for the end, when the five years is up, and the prince charming is finally de-frogged.

  2. Thank you so much, Michelle! I’m looking for the end, too, but until then, I’ll share with you all my journey to get there! Feel free to share your stories with me, too. It’s always good to have comrades in arms.

  3. Relationships are funny things…. Can’t wait to keep reading your blog, Mika!!

  4. wow this is a great blog!
    I to have kissed many frogs, just waiting for that one to change into a prince 😀 but aren’t we all? i can’t wait to keep reading your blog!

  5. GREAT BLOG!!! I love it – you have such a great writing style it just draws people in. I know at the end of the 5 years you are going to find true happiness, and my guess is it’ll happen sooner than that. Good luck with this blog and I can’t wait to see where it goes!!!

  6. I’ve kissed no frogs nor princesses for over 7 years. I still have hope… Awesome column, Inspiring! I’ll keep reading every week.

  7. Wow, thank you for the great comments! I’m looking forward to sharing war stories with you all :).

  8. Mika, it looks like you really struck a chord with this one! I have to say, I laughed out loud at the phrase “Gandalf’s hillbilly cousin.” Can’t way to read more. 😀

  9. Honey, if that fortune teller was right, there’s an eery twist. Remember he said something about being afraid of snakes? I just shook my head and said no. It’s more relevant now. I’m holding out to explain it over dinner in hopes that it’ll lure you to set a date. 😉 Also, if he was right, I need to stop driving because he predicted I’d die in a car accident. I’ll need to start biking everywhere asap.

  10. Wow, you remember way more about his predictions than I do!! And I’m SO sorry!! I need to set a date for us ASAP. Let’s touch base on it on Facebook instead of here :).

    BTW, someone’s going to be doing tarot card readings at the City Market this summer — we should totally go and get updated fortunes!

  11. […] Most will ineviteably ask how long it’s been since I last had a boyfriend, and my response of 3 1/2 years is almost always met with complete shock and an immediate offer to “hook me up” with their friend/brother/cousin/coworker/random acquaintance who would be absolutely perfect for me because he’s single, too. (For a fun backstory on my “lengthy” period of singleness, check out my post “How Many Frogs Have You Kissed?“) […]

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