National Volunteers Week

National Volunteer Week is sponsored by The Points of Light Foundation.  From April 17th through April 25th, people from across the country come together to help those in need through non-profit organizations and programs.

The name for the organization is derived from a State Of The Union address by President George H. W. Bush in which he said, “We have within our reach the promise of renewed America. We can find meaning and reward by serving some purpose higher than ourselves; a shining purpose, the illumination of a thousand points of light. It is expressed by all who know the irresistible force of a child’s hand, of a friend who stands by you and stays there a volunteer’s generous gesture, an idea that is simply right.”

The organization manages a number of notable programs including the national call-to-action volunteer portal,, the President’s Volunteer Service Awards, and the annual National Conference on Volunteering and Service. The latter two, are in conjunction with the Executive Office’s Corporation for National and Community Service (the parent organization of programs such as AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, and Citizen Corps).

In Rockford there are several opportunities to volunteer your time and talents to help others in need.  It also serves as a great way to network with others in your surrounding area.

The website, has a great search engine to inquire about local volunteer opportunities in your area.  For a list of volunteer opportunities in and around the Rockford area, click HERE for a regularly updated list of volunteer opportunities.


~ by daroldingram on April 22, 2010.

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