A Success Story of Diversity in the Workplace: JAZZ!!!!

I found a very interesting article by Jeff Perry from allaboutjazz.com.
This article reports on the history of Jazz music and how it shows a great example of how diversity among talented musicians created one of the most diverse and dynamic styles of music in American history.  It focuses on how Jazz music foundation is based on diversity and how it has thrived to be as popular as it is BECAUSE of diversity.
The article explains how jazz has had major contributions from white, black, European, American, and Latin American cultures to create this completely new form of music nearly 100 years ago.  At the time these musicians were risk takers, and took the opportunity  to work with individuals different from themselves to break the norm and create something fresh and new.
Jeff Perry, a musician himself, goes on to support the theory of diversity in explaining why the early musicians chose to be diverse. It was to make themselves better musicians.  It enhanced their ability to express themselves, make themselves unique, thereby giving them a unique musical style.
Jazz musicians pro-actively seek diversity by sampling various kinds of music and visiting other countries and by studying and emulating the different cultures and music.  A musician is able to incorporate this into their own discipline.

Click HERE for the full article at allaboutjazz.com


~ by daroldingram on February 24, 2010.

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