Corporate Culture is About More Than Race, Age and Gender

In her article The Corporate-Culture Conundrum, Contributing Writer Susan Bryant describes a common issue with new hires:

“Jack Sullivan couldn’t have been happier after landing his dream job. The position, salary and perks were exactly what he was looking for. But after the initial euphoria wore off, he discovered that going to work was becoming the same daily grind all over again. Although he couldn’t put his finger on exactly what was wrong, he knew one thing for sure: He was not comfortable in his new job.”

Sound familiar? What many young professionals tend to miss during the interview process is all of the nuances they should be looking for that provide a clearer picture of their potential employer’s company culture. This is more than just the ethnic, age or gender make-up of the workforce — it’s about what the company as a whole values and how its values are conveyed to its employees. What are your experiences with company/corporate culture? If you landed a job and later found out you didn’t fit in with the company’s culture, how did you adjust?


~ by Mika Doyle on February 21, 2010.

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